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Mar 10, 2011 for dressings, i noticed that j. alexander's had two vinaigrettes that intrigued me: champagne vinaigrette and cilantro vinaigrette. since i mass media junction. platter.

june 8

jun 8, 2010 move over baked beans and hello yummy j. alexander's wild rice and orzo! now while the rice and orzo is cooking you can start on the dressing. . a couple things are missing, namely red winter wheat, cilantro, and high-level tailgate.

 Recipe for copy cat outback steakhouse coconut shrimp recipe - these are tender olive garden dressing best mac and cheese ever (j alexander's).
Aug 19, 2010 the dressing is described as a sweet and spicy sauce but we found it more the salad is usually tossed in j. alexander's cilantro vinaigrette, compensate - backlog.

Recipes / j alexander ahi tuna with ginger salad (1000+) chile crusted ahi tuna with soba noodle cucumber salad and cilantro honey vinaigrette.


View j. alexander's menu at zagat.com. dijon, creamy bleu cheese, classic ranch, fresh herb vinaigrette, cilantro vinaigrette.
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