march 10, 2013

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Dastan Khordan Kos

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Paul Volpe führt nach Tag 2 der WPT Bay 101Pokernews aus aller Welt | 07/03/2013 | Arved Klöhn -

Die WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star geht mit neuer Führung in Tag 2. Paul Volpe, der schon bei der letzten WPT, der LAPC, Platz 2 erreichte, liegt in Kalifornien derzeit meilenweit in Front.

Die EPT London steht vor der TürPokernews aus aller Welt | 06/03/2013 | Arved Klöhn -
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London wird ab heute für anderthalb Wochen der Nabel der Pokerwelt. Die UKIPT, die EPT und das Full-Tilt-versus-PokerStars-Deathmatch sollten für eine Menge Unterhaltung sorgen.

Vladimir Bozinovic gewinnt die WPT Baden - Rettenmaier auf Platz 5Pokernews aus aller Welt | 26/02/2013 | Arved Klöhn -
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Der Serbe Vladimir Bozinovic gewinnt die WPT Baden 2013 und über 250.000 Dollar Preisgeld. Dabei verwies er unter anderem Marvin Rettenmaier auf Platz 5.

FBU demo in London

Firefighters say its mayor Johnson versus Londoners - Latest

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has vowed to mobilise every firefighter at every fire station to defend London’s fire service.

Kurdish assassinations

Paris killings and the long hand of the Turkish state

Most observers suspect the hand of the Turkish state in the brutal assassination of three Kurdish leaders in Paris on 9 January. Corinna Lotz reports | Photos of the angry reaction in Paris and mourning by the Kurdish community: Maryam Ashrāfi

Vic Turner
We’ll need a few more Vic Turners in the days ahead

Vic Turner, one of the Pentonville 5 dockers jailed under the Tory government of Edward Heath in 1972, who died recently, takes his place in history as one of the heroes of the labour movement.

Tribute by Peter Arkell

Touching the here and now

When Édouard Manet painted people he transformed portraiture into something quite new.

Corinna Lotz reviews the new Royal Academy show.

An artist of many parts

Painter, collagist, sound poet, performance artist, typographer and sculptor, Kurt Schwitters moved from one form to another with ease.

Review of the new show at Tate Britain by Robin Richmond.

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